La Mer : Genaissance de la Mer

Genaissance de la Mer collection is La Mer’s one of luxurious line skincare products that helps visibly erase signs of time. In this Genaissance de la Mer collection, La Mer launched new product ‘Genaissance de la Mer The Eye & Expression Cream’ in 2017.

In this campaign, I created social content animations based on the new product launch and its collection. Also created video supers for Genaissance de la Mer collection ‘How-to videos’.


Social Content Animations

These animations are for La Mer’s social content (Instagram, Facebook).
For these animations, I have applied visual effects, and color corrected.


Transform Complexion with Genaissance de la Mer

These videos were made to show customers how to apply Genaissance collection in order.
For these videos, I have added video supers and these are uploaded in La Mer’s homepage and Youtube.